WordPress SEO is better than Joomla SEO ?

I am not a programmer or developer i am a simple webmaster who started his path to web technologies in 2009, still learning things but made some decent money with the help of these CMS. I had used Drupal,wordpress,joomla and some other cms in past. All of them have their own pros and cons. There are certain CMS that you might not have even heard of. Soon i will be covering them.

But the main question remains here is why i choose wordpress than joomla or other cms.


It is easy and powerful : The major reason behind using wordpress is its simplicity as it was basically a blog cms that was further transformed into a complete content management system with the help of various powerful plugins and themes. Easy to manage, great community to help beginners and lots of plugins and themes to choose from. I think to start with a wordpress you don’t need to be a programmer or a developer all you need is a hosting and a domain, if you can understand English it will be just awesome. In Joomla if you get stuck in a Error 500 then it might take few days to recover from it.

Plugins Vs Extensions :

SEO (Search engine optimization)
Wordpress websites rank better in Google(though it all depends on the content you are providing to people),i have managed some Joomla sites successfully but if you are looking for a better control over your SEO related stuff WP is the best way,there are plugins that can help you control how you title and metas will be placed,social sharing and on-page analysis can also be done. It is not a easy task to play with Joomla. Popular extensions like Seo boss(free),Maniac SEO,SEO keyword factory and Microformats Votes and others can provide a relief but still you need different extension to do a similar job while in WP you can pick a plugin like All in one SEO that can complete most of the SEO related stuff by itself.

Permalinks and 404 error : Joomla users have to face this problem a lot. It is not a easy to manage the SEF urls in it and you have to do a lot besides changing the url aliases.

Problem while shifting from one host to another I don’t know about others but i faced a lot of problem while shifting it, specially with 404 errors and SEF urls.

Slow speed and server load : Both of them are almost same. It all depends on your hosting server,website template and extensions that you are using.

Top plugins vs top extensions

WP is power packed with these awesome plugins though you need not all of them as most of them performs similar functions. For example Yoast plugin will easily handle meta stuff along with xml sitemap and social sharing. To enable schema – i mean : To show stars in Google results it is advised to opt for Author hReview plugin and in addition you can choose WP Remove Category Base and social share for further optimization.
WordPress SEO by Yoast,All-In-One SEO Pack,SEO Ultimate,FV Simpler SEO Pack,Scribe for WordPress,SEO Friendly Images,Google XML sitemaps,Nginx Helper.

Talking about Joomla

Easy Frontend SEO : It can handle meta information like title, description, keywords, generator and robots, it can auto handle meta data for certain extension. sh404SEF : This plugin is quite popular to create search engine friendly urls. I have used it in past and at that time it was not so advanced. Joomsef is also similar to it but unlike SH404sef it is completely free. SEO Keyword Factory,Xmap and Joomla Social Share and Vote button are some other useful names when we talk about joomla seo.

Basics remains the same Joomla is a perfect CMS and WP is a blog that is a CMS that means if you want to create a website that required rare updates like a business website it is better to go with Joomla (power packed with S-e-o extensions) and if you want to share regular updates i would recommend WP.

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