Plenty Of Fish Review

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What i hate about plenty of fish dating site

AAHh i am talking about the site being dangerous as one of my friend’s cousin said that there are some people out there on this and other dating sites who can kill you and rob your money. Actually when it comes to dating site all i think is about the people who are using such apps or sites. We all know that most of the people who use such sites are single or are desperate to get into a relationship(leave one night stands aside plz).


So where does the POF fails ?

I hated hated hated its registration process for those who are still hanging out there trying to get into plenty of fish i request you to leave this site aside, POF staff seems to be too busy to look after this issue.Errors like username already exists, or has invalid letters” or “please enter only the letters below the circles” are always there to welcome you. So how did i managed to get in. I actually had a old account on this site. Despite being free site i think i would have looked into this matter if it was mine or they just want limited traffic on their servers..Don’t know what the problem is any.

Fake and broken personalities : POF is not a full proof site from fake profiles.If you are from small town then there could hardly be anyone out there.Though you can message girls / guys 100 miles away (and they never come real in life)

I hate its simplicity : Though i love it at the same time. Sometimes being too simple is also a minus point there is nothing new on this site.Same interface same ugly bold letter.Nothing good to keep me awake when there is nothing to do. I feel kinda bored.

Plus you can see weird kind of personalities out there all seems to me like they are either extra plus or seems like they even themselves don’t know how to take a picture.Guys want to just get laid and girls seems to be having confidence issues.

I would say better stick with facebook and try something like commenting etc. Will post a article on how to do it.

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