Not in Range Error – Wifi Android Solved !!

Wifi was working well on my android phone and till yesterday but suddenly it stopped working. I thought that this was a problem related to my phone so i tried the same on my tablet, but was unable to find any wifi on it. It was also showing the same “Not in range” error.While it was working well on my desktop as it was connected VIA wires.So this confirmed me that this is not a problem of my android devices instead it is a problem related to the router or my ISP, so i searched for solution just like you people. It was very frustrating for me but any way i found some answers out there. Here i am sharing some of them along with the solution that worked for me.

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Wrong channels : Might be your router is using different channels like 12, 13 or 14.
To solve this you have to change the wireless settings.

Here is how to do it
Type : in your browser
Now When you are asked for the username password insert admin admin in both as it is default username password for the routers.Now look for wireless lan setting, press menu for advanced settings, Then change the domain from 11 to 13(EUROPE and others) or 14 (primarily Japan).
If it fails you can re-edit and move to previous settings.

If this fix failed try this.
Turning MAc address off

To do this you have to login back to your router settings just like above mentioned.
Then move to advanced settings and find mac filtering option, you have to make it disable.

My trick that worked for me

I logged in to router settings then simply moved to setup – wireless settings and in wireless basic i found that the enable wireless check box was not marked so i enabled it and clicked apply button as soon as i did it, it began to work.

Not in range wifi android phone

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