Kids Good habits charts – Download

We are suggesting you some of the printable habit charts for kids that might be quite useful.

 1)Toothbrush check printable sheet : really nice template, as children’s have tendency to avoid brushing this chart will make them a bit more curious.

Good habits chart kids
Click on image to visit download page

2) An ideal boy : Indian concept but quite useful.

3)These are resolutions charts for Children’s, it is in pdf format one can easily take out print out and paste it,consist teaching posters about resolution , 7 habits chart and other stuff.

Note : You have to register on download site … though registration is free of cost.

4) 26 Random Acts of Kindness from the same site , You have to click on image to download all of the printable sheets.

5)A very simple daily activity chart for children’s ,more like a reminder.

daily habits kids chart

A good habit is hard to make but once you start it on a daily basis it becomes routine and helps a lot in your life. Nowadays people are so busy that they can’t think all this by themselves and as a result their wrong habits are inherited by their children’s. There are certain rules that we call good habits to be maintained by kids each day to live a healthy lifestyle. Habits like drinking plenty of water,sleep at time and physical activity etc are some of the ideas.

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