How To Make Thousand Dollar A Day ?

This man made $ Thousands of dollar by investing $15 

make money facebook

Will you believe his story.

A man from Brazil claims that he was able to make more than $1000 a day with help of Facebook ads.
According to him he was able to get 10000 times ROI by selling sandals to women. He invested $15 / R$21 on advertisement and reached over 204344 people on Facebook(specially ladies).He got dozens of offers and lots of profit.

I invested 15 bucks on Facebook ads, got my ad featuring 3 sandals for women shown to over 250,000 people and got thousands of visitors to my e-commerce, a simple website for which I paid 20 dollars a month to mantain.

He added

Despite several basic mistakes that could have made me sell over 10,000 in a single day, I got dozens of orders, received the money via PayPal and deposit, paid my supplier, he sent the sandals, women got happy, I paid the 15 bucks I owed my friend and we were all happy 🙂

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