How to get openid username ?

Sorry, that is not a valid OpenID. Please ensure you have spelled your ID correctly.

For me as a general non-so-technical user it was tiring job to log in OpenID.

It was easy to use the OpenId using Janrain ok leave it if you are trying to login to a site that is not allowing you to do so try this trick, for it you need a Yahoo id.You have to enable yahoo account for it here is the link Click on get started and login to your yahoo account.
OpenID logging in old version

If you don’t have an account it is better to make a new.

Now just copy paste the provided unique url in the login area of that particular website where you want to login.
openid profile id
Sign in using openid
Now Click “Agree” to sign in to that site using your Yahoo ID and allow sharing of Yahoo info.After you have done it, it will take you to register page where you have to fill in information and register yourself.

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