Frustrated Pinterest Suspended My Account ?

One of my Pinterest account was suspended without any reason. I don’t know why it was done to me.we all know that Pinterest does not allow porn-o-graphics or nudity on their network. Mine was related to lampwork and other related stuff.I don’t know whether their staff even look after these “account suspension” things seriously actually i think they go after the decent people instead of banning those who are promoting wrong stuff. I mean even a comment “i think that was funny ” on a pin can make them block your account. I have read various threads in forums where people are suspended off their accounts but still they are able to get them back (though there is no specific time interval, one got it back after 2 years) so i think i will try and file a petition on their site might be they un-suspend my account.

Pinterest suspendedMy advice to Users:

Besides following the exact guidelines such as no nudity and all that one should make sure that he / she is using site as per their content policy.If you don’t know you can find them here  >> 

Don’t overdo stuff : Might be …this is one of the reason they didn’t liked or might be the comment that i made on the pin.

Try filling up the petition asap : I don’t know whether they have enough staff looking after such matters as it might take from days to months to years to get your account back.

One must do step if your account is not suspended yet

Back up your pins : It is simple and free on site  . This will help you to easily backup your pins and if you wish you can try them putting back on Pinterest with a new account. There are other options also that i am going to discuss in next post.


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