Facebook Autolikes !!! How to begin with ?

Has anyone of you tried something Blackhat seo or marketing tricks ? Generally as far as my experience says it is a bad call as i had always lost my money on such things they never work for me. This might be due to the fact that the juice from that specific trick has already been taken and it is sold after just to reap some additional profits.


Facebook Auto Like Script Why You Should Not Do It

This works like a chain system in which when a follower or friend likes your content then it displays on their wall that they had liked this content and list continues to grow. Now you can easily find plenty of FB like scripts out on internet some are free while some are paid. There are plenty of Gigs also but there are some reasons that you should avoid such things.

Plain and simple if you don’t know how they work or how badly such scripts are coded you can end up loosing your FB account.If you are fine with it (supposing that you might be using a fake account) they can still post on your behalf and things might get bad if they post something illegal stuff as atleast Facebook have your IP address. Just my thoughts but still i think one should remain away from such things.

I once used it and that script automatically made me like their posts and webpages ┬áso …that’s a big no from me thereafter.Any way how many of you have tried this FB-autolikers thing. Are they real deal or what..

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