Cost of running web design business (Freelance)

photo credit: woodleywonderworks 

Costs : Just like any other business, this business also have its cost.

 Following type of costs are associated with it :

  • Opportunity cost :  how much will a move to freelance world cost you. If you are leaving your full time job for it, then your salary and benefits that are the opportunity cost.
  • Startup costs : Cost of registering your domain name and hosting your own website. Business cards, a dedicated desk, stationery supplies.
  • Software costs : If you don’t have required software’s like Espresso, Coda, Aptana, or Adobe Dreamweaver. You might have to buy them. 
  • Staff expenses.

Now how to charge :  Don’t do unpaid work for the chance to be paid. It will be better that you should charge at least twice as much as you would earn in a normal job to complete the same task

Here is an easy to go hourly rate calculator.It gives you a guide based on your costs, number of billable hours and desired profit. It will help you figure out how much you should be charging per hour.

Note: Web design – is not a great business which means you will not be making tons of money through it.

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