Anti Adblock Script : How to bypass adblock plus

Adblocker is a browser extension that blocks or removes advertising on the webpage. It has over a million users, is being actively maintained. These popular plugins impact many website earnings and many webmasters consider these ad-blocking programs as devastating for their business.Some stats about adblock plugins : In chrome browser adblock plus is being used by more than 10,000,000+ users . In firefox it has around 15,441,657 users.

Here is an antiblock script that will 100% free and working.You have to copy paste to code given in the box  between <body> </ body> in your theme / index.template.php

You can easily change the message to be shown when a visitor visits your webpage with adblock on. There are two formats available HTML version & PHP version.
Don’t forget to translate this webpage using google translate.

How to remove

If you as a website visitor want to remove antiblock script you can do so by installing greasemonkey

, create a file named antiantiblock.user.js, and paste the contents of this page into it. Drag and drop into your browser and make sure greasemonkey is on.

This solution was suggested by ArmoredDragoon. You can also use the  Disable Anti-Adblock 3.0 plugin which shows page content without you having to disable adblock plus.

Here is another tutorial on how to detect adblock and disable it (Only adblock not adblock plus).

Some plugins for wordpress bloggers

dSero Anti AdBlock for Google AdSense

No Adblock for WordPress you can force your visitors to disable their AdBlocker browser plug-in if they wish to get access to your site

Here is an wordpress plugin script that will help you track the visitors who are using ad blocker.It will show
total page views,total unique visitors,relative and absolute number of page views with ad blocker enabled,relative and absolute number of unique visitors with ad block enabled

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