Adult Emoji Icons For WhatsApp Android and Iphone

Why most of the adult emoticons applications suck

It is really difficult to find a good and working emoticon application for adult texting as both of the play stores (Android and Apple) has a policy to avoid any sort of adult content.Though there are some apps but they are of no use. I have checked both Amazon as well as android store but was not able to find any good app to share with you.

adult whatsapp images

My suggestions:

You can try a good starter i would say, nice cut copy paste type of emoji’s provided. You have to download the images and then share it on whatsapp or other messenger.

Download images
Press and hold the emoji you’d like to share.
Tap copy.
Switch to Messages.
Press and hold to paste the emoji into your message.

If you are looking for some more naughty type of stuff i would suggest you to download small images via google or bing image search. Input search keyword as “Naughty emoticon” or if you need more …use that particular keyword along with emoticon keyword and i do mean that you will be able to find some really good work out there.

So instead of paying for such stuff you can actually do sextext with lots of options.

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