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I hate paying for modules and themes(specially when they are too costly) it is not an easy life without these premium modules and templates but still if you are a beginners and trying to build your store at cheap i would definitely recommend you to follow my blog. I will try my best to share resources, articles,tutorials etc that will not only solve your problems but also help you create a better looking website. A user friendly url is not only good for users but it is also good as far as seo is concerned. It is not an easy task to optimize a dynamic website as there are few things that might not be controlled and are limited.

Paid modules are not always the key : I would suggest one to try some websites and resources before buying a plugin. As many times you can find the solutions very easily any how this topic is not an easy one. Creating a 301 redirect for Prestashop is not a easy thing. In wordpress and Joomla the community is so developed that there are lot of options even to do this for bulk urls. While in PS it is a different thing. Here are some solutuions that you might want to try.

First of all one have to check whether their hosting service provider is allowing url rewriting. Create a php info file and upload it to your server and then open it into the browser .

Following is how to do it

open your notepad or text editor.

then paste this information in it


Save it as phpinfo.php

Now upload it to server .. say for example your site is yourdomain.com …then upload it to root folder so that it can be opened in browser via accessing this url >>> http://yourdomain.com/phpinfo.php

Now you have to look in loaded modules section and find if there is mod_rewrite turned on,you can easily do so by pressing ctrl+f and then find this “mod_rewrite” without inverted commas.If it is not done and if you are on shared hosting ask your website host to make it enable.

Now you have to click on the link arrow saying that “click here to improve product’s rank in search engine”.Now from the admin back office, go to the tab “Tools”. Then, clik on the subtab “CMS” and then edit button for that content. Now visit backoffice >> click on the tab “Preferences” >> generate a .htaccess file.

Now visit your site using ftp. I mean go to your ftp account of your site.
Then visit home folder ak.a root folder and open and.htaccess file.First save that file as a backup on your pc if in case things go wrong and put that generated coded in it and save it.


In Prestashop 1.6

Now in your prestashop products page visit catalog tab and choose the product you want to inform the url rewriting. Click on the button “Edit”. Click on the arrow below
prstashop 1.6 url rewrite

click on SEO and then visit friendly url > insert your desired url address



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