Download Pokemon GO India

Here we are providing you the working APK of famous Pokemon Go in real, no fake ..nothing.

Have you read about it in newspapers or online or from your friend. People are going crazy after. Some of them have even meet accidents like a person(Delhi resident Pintu Singh) who felled in a open manhole while playing it. As officially it may take some time for countries like India or pakistan or bangladesh to receive this update. Here we are offering you the working android based APK for it. It is free from any virus or any malware.

It is a fun game ….a mix of augmented reality and gps that is quite unique, people can feel like Pokemon characters have appeared in real world. Now how to install it go to Menu > Settings > Applications and make sure “Unknown sources” is checked. Now simply download the apk from link below and install it.

here’s a direct link to the Pokémon GO 0.29.2 apk.

wordpress joomla

WordPress SEO is better than Joomla SEO ?

I am not a programmer or developer i am a simple webmaster who started his path to web technologies in 2009, still learning things but made some decent money with the help of these CMS. I had used Drupal,wordpress,joomla and some other cms in past. All of them have their own pros and cons. There are certain CMS that you might not have even heard of. Soon i will be covering them.

But the main question remains here is why i choose wordpress than joomla or other cms.


It is easy and powerful : The major reason behind using wordpress is its simplicity as it was basically a blog cms that was further transformed into a complete content management system with the help of various powerful plugins and themes. Easy to manage, great community to help beginners and lots of plugins and themes to choose from. I think to start with a wordpress you don’t need to be a programmer or a developer all you need is a hosting and a domain, if you can understand English it will be just awesome. In Joomla if you get stuck in a Error 500 then it might take few days to recover from it.

Plugins Vs Extensions :

SEO (Search engine optimization)
Wordpress websites rank better in Google(though it all depends on the content you are providing to people),i have managed some Joomla sites successfully but if you are looking for a better control over your SEO related stuff WP is the best way,there are plugins that can help you control how you title and metas will be placed,social sharing and on-page analysis can also be done. It is not a easy task to play with Joomla. Popular extensions like Seo boss(free),Maniac SEO,SEO keyword factory and Microformats Votes and others can provide a relief but still you need different extension to do a similar job while in WP you can pick a plugin like All in one SEO that can complete most of the SEO related stuff by itself.

Permalinks and 404 error : Joomla users have to face this problem a lot. It is not a easy to manage the SEF urls in it and you have to do a lot besides changing the url aliases.

Problem while shifting from one host to another I don’t know about others but i faced a lot of problem while shifting it, specially with 404 errors and SEF urls.

Slow speed and server load : Both of them are almost same. It all depends on your hosting server,website template and extensions that you are using.

Top plugins vs top extensions

WP is power packed with these awesome plugins though you need not all of them as most of them performs similar functions. For example Yoast plugin will easily handle meta stuff along with xml sitemap and social sharing. To enable schema – i mean : To show stars in Google results it is advised to opt for Author hReview plugin and in addition you can choose WP Remove Category Base and social share for further optimization.
WordPress SEO by Yoast,All-In-One SEO Pack,SEO Ultimate,FV Simpler SEO Pack,Scribe for WordPress,SEO Friendly Images,Google XML sitemaps,Nginx Helper.

Talking about Joomla

Easy Frontend SEO : It can handle meta information like title, description, keywords, generator and robots, it can auto handle meta data for certain extension. sh404SEF : This plugin is quite popular to create search engine friendly urls. I have used it in past and at that time it was not so advanced. Joomsef is also similar to it but unlike SH404sef it is completely free. SEO Keyword Factory,Xmap and Joomla Social Share and Vote button are some other useful names when we talk about joomla seo.

Basics remains the same Joomla is a perfect CMS and WP is a blog that is a CMS that means if you want to create a website that required rare updates like a business website it is better to go with Joomla (power packed with S-e-o extensions) and if you want to share regular updates i would recommend WP.

Google openid url

Google openid connect login example and url
I have previously posted on how to get a openid without any hassle using yahoo network. This time you can try google service.

Visit this page and click on login.

Now login using the Google id and choose the allow button, you can untick the button remember the approval for next 30 days if you want to.
openid google

Here i am using my email id

Now while entering in a site that uses open id i have to put in

moodle logo

Free Responsive Moodle Themes

Everyone likes mobile ready and repsonsive themes as they enable users to view and use the website from any device like mobile or tablet. Actually moodle is a bit different type of cms and is made for education purpose, it is popular but i think that it can’t offer so much diverse and free stuff like joomla,drupal and wordpress. Anyway i have found and used some of the best and really good themes for this system.

Following are the best available templates for Moodle cms that are mobile friendly.


1) Klass is really a class template :

school and education

Clean and cool looking theme, it can be further beautified with the use of plugins and other modules. One can start with this theme to create a school/ tuition / college / university and other online educational websites. Google has passed this theme as you can see in the pic below. For demo and download

Googlebot moodle


2)Academi : Support 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, 2.9
Academi is a nice and clean skin that comes with various features like. watch what it looks like in iOS and other devices.

100 % responsive academic theme moodle

Demo and download

3 ) Campus :

plain and wonderful

It is a plane theme that provides user a lot of space to optimize and improve it, i really loved its simplicity.There is frontpage slideshow along with category and social icons.Works good in Google test

not working in mobile moodle

Demo and download


4)Roshni lite compatible with Moodle 2.7 – 2.9.
this lite moodle template is 100% responsive i was unable to find any demo theme but it looks quite great. Packed with  customizable sections in the front page that can be maintained through a backend setting panel, can add/update/delete content.Full fledged slider and unique login page is added feature.

light theme moodle



5) Eguru : Awesome looking premium theme for those who want all the features without paying. (yeah there is a backlink at bottom)

premium theme free

Moodle only premium themes

Demo  and download

6)Lernstar : Various colors available with optimized for touch devices like mobiles and tablets. I would definitely recommend it.Dynamically generated social media icons depending on your theme settings. Various colors available with optimized for touch devices like mobiles and tablets


Demo and download

7) Simple : Just like its name it is simple and easy to manage. Offers following features : The main page is designed to use blocks in content area and displaying them as boxes with different colors and styles.

nice and clean

simple white moodle theme

demo and download



Remove category from wordpress url

Here is how to easily rename the “category” slug that is in every WordPress install by default.The easiest way is the best way here you go >

Here is a simple plugin that works 100% for the current wordpress version 3.5+

The plugin name is WP Remove Category Base  it will remove the category word from the permalinks of your blog. It is easy to implement and works for any non-technical or technical user. Though there were some decent plugin in past that used to do the same work but now they are all uncomptaible with the latest 4.2.2 version.So this one worked for me and so i am sharing. You can still access your old url and it won’t show any 404 error if you want to go a step ahead you can try 301 redirect to that old structure in case you have done link building for that previous structure.
Download link


Change Admin Url Prestashop | Change admin password Prestashop

What should one do if he has forgotten his Prestashop admin page url or if he wants to change the address of his administration page.

Here is simple effort:

Login to you hosting cpanel and move to file manager or try using ftp client to login to your hosting account where your website is hosted.

forgotten admin url prestashop

Now simply visit the root folder where your site is hosted and then click in to visit admin folder. It would look like something different folder ae1caxsd4wylmsugt  or any other number. Now select it and right click and then choose rename now give it a name like  administrator after it you have to access that folder like this >>

But this solution is said to work for one time only once you log out the folder name will be automatically changed as it is a security feature in Presta

admin url link prestashop

How to remove index.php file in prestashop

301 redirect prestashop via htaccess

In case you need templates here is the full catalog of free prestashop templates


Now if you want to change the password of your admin then this is what you have to do.

first login using ftp or cpanel and move to folder config in the root site.
in config look for Check the images, now if you are using cpanel you have the option to edit it online, you can do so by right clicking the file and choosing edit.
If you are using ftp you have to download that file to edit and then upload it.
Look for _COOKIE_KEY_ value. It is a long string

config prestashop

Now you have to login phpmyadmin : to do so visit your cpanel and click on phpmyadmin

Now when phpmyadmin is opened you have to click on sql tab on the top to run a query here you have to input this value but you have to edit it a bit. Just follow the steps.


Copy that _COOKIE_KEY_ value that you have found in config/ as above.
now input that value in <>

UPDATE employee SET ‘passwd’ = md5(concat(‘<_COOKIE_KEY_ value>’, ‘<yourNewPassword>’)) WHERE email = “youremailaddress”;

and then click go

View image

changing password for prestashop admin

Flippa WordPress Theme !! Not Free but here are some ideas

Flippa is a marketplace to sell and buy internet properties like domains,website and applications.They are making good money by commission on sale as well as on every listing. My friends are into flipping business of websites and domains and they are interested in creating a website like that.

I generally publish blog posts about free themes but as there is no other solution i think you should try these options.

Some themes that can be further transformed to look like flippa or a much better site. You will be requiring programmers and designers to further edit and make it look and work like your desired website. You might want to remove these maps and other features from these directory themes.
1)ListingBuilder : Basically a directory theme

Flippa type wordpress

This theme comes with price range and category filter, these filters can further be altered to do work like earnings stats or website traffic. It is responive and will work on mobile and other devices.You can define your pricing plans. Reviews,widgets and much more.3 different pages for listing categories. View the demo to understand it 


2) This theme is also looks great for this purpose.

Flippa clone


Watch the demo

besides these themes there are various clone scripts for it that i would not recommend reason is badly coded scripts can leave you vulnerable to attack from hackers. If you have any ideas please share with us.

It is not a easy task to create a site like it, simply because they were among the first to try and implement it, they designed their site according to users(buyers and sellers) and lots of features like safety issues for both of the sides. Now there is another site which is also a good site but they are lacking several factors that makes them a bit backward in this segment.

How to get openid username ?

Sorry, that is not a valid OpenID. Please ensure you have spelled your ID correctly.

For me as a general non-so-technical user it was tiring job to log in OpenID.

It was easy to use the OpenId using Janrain ok leave it if you are trying to login to a site that is not allowing you to do so try this trick, for it you need a Yahoo id.You have to enable yahoo account for it here is the link Click on get started and login to your yahoo account.
OpenID logging in old version

If you don’t have an account it is better to make a new.

Now just copy paste the provided unique url in the login area of that particular website where you want to login.
openid profile id
Sign in using openid
Now Click “Agree” to sign in to that site using your Yahoo ID and allow sharing of Yahoo info.After you have done it, it will take you to register page where you have to fill in information and register yourself.

moodle logo

Moodle very slow

Make sure you take your websites backup before implementing any of these tips. 


First of all here is the best tool to test your site performance as far as Pagespeed is concerned.It is the Google’s own pageSpeed Insights.

This tool will not only show you how you are ranked but also tell you how to fix problems. Related to browser caching and how to eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content and more.

If there is server related issues and the response time is more than 200ms you can try these suggestions : First discover the reason behind this slowness.

Moodle CDN
Avoid placing too many images on main page, it is advised to use CDN for this purpose. There are multiple services like CloudFlare, Incapsula, Google PageSpeed Service and all work well, i would have certainly advised Google pagespeed but it has been discontinued  on August 3rd, 2015. It was really easy and good to understand and implement.So now my second most and best option would be Cloudflare. I have used it in past. You can find cloudflare in your CPanel. If you offer video tutorials you must do it. A user from Warriorforum stats that the page load time dropped significantly to an average of between 200ms-600ms after using CloudFlare (Make sure you keep your security level to low) otherwise it would be annoying for website visitors to put a captcha every time they visit your site.

For video tutorials

There are few CDN’s that also offer video content delivery like Amazon cloudfront Free version includes AWS Free Tier includes 50GB data transfer out, 2,000,000 HTTP and HTTPS Requests.

: It would be ideal for those with video content to stream videos using such CDN’s other options are Alfresco,, Flickr, Google Docs, MERLOT, Picasa, Recent Files, WebDAV servers,youtube etc. Here is the suggested thread about it.

The problem with youtube and other public video hosting sites is that you can’t prevent them to be downloaded by people using tools like youtubedownloader

GZIP compression

Now here is the real working tutorial that one should try

GZIP – the pages

How to do it ?
In a shared hosting website just like most of us you have to login using ftp and then look for php.ini file in the root folder. If you are unable to find php.ini make sure you have enabled “show hidden files” option from ftp, or in other case you can login using the Cpanel and then click on file manager >> now before clicking on your


Now you have to enable ZLIB compression by adding these lines in this file


zlib.output_compression = On


zlib.output_compression_level = 6

The value can be from 1-10, 6 is common so used here.


Now to compress css and javascript add following lines in your .htaccess file (APACHE server)

AddHandler application/x-httpd-php5 .php .css .js


Now download this file and place it in root folder


After placing the file add these lines to your php.ini file

auto_prepend_file = /full/path/to/prepend-moodle.php

make sure that path is given to that file. Thats it now to check how much your files are compressed run this online gzip test you can also use Live HTTP Headers to examine the response.




Here is another method to enable output compression in a easy way try adding this to your .htaccess file.

# compress text, html, javascript, css, xml:
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/plain
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/css
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xhtml+xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/rss+xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/javascript
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/x-javascript

# Or, compress certain file types by extension:
<files *.html>
SetOutputFilter DEFLATE



If you have any problems related to images loading or so better reverse the edits.



References for further clarification

for advanced users try :